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In 1992, at Czech Republic Grisoft launched its first product Anti virus guard ( AVG) which was first introduced in the US in 1998 it further expanded to include anti spyware after that it acquired anti spyware group in the year 2006 after which  AVG components were available directly within windows vista operating system. AVG antivirus is a group of antivirus and internet software developed by AVG Technologies which is a subsidiary of Avast software. It incorporated link scanner safe search and surf technology into the AVG 8.0 security product range. This is one of the best antiviruses that provide internet security to all its users across the world. But there may be various situations when the users have to face problems in use of the antivirus in that they case they can contact in Avg help number or AVG Customer Service number where our executives would assist you with their expertise and fix the problem as soon as possible.

AVG Customer Service


  • AVG IS DISABLED:- due to mainly two reasons the software may be disabled. One is by user action and another reason why AVG may be disabled for a short period is that when an update takes place and user performs some other activities in their computer in this period AVG gets disabled.
  • AVG GETS INTERACTED WITH OTHER SOFTWARE:-when other software are kept with the antivirus it might interact with those software and misbehave in that case user should remove all other software.
  • BEFORE AVG IS UPDATED THERE IS A LAG TIME:– many time software take time to identify the virus and find a solution for fixing the virus. In between this lag time if a user performs any other task they might get infected.


  1. Very first user should ensure that they have single functioning automatically updating antivirus on any windows operating system computer.
  2. Any computer system which is connected to internet should have a proper functioning firewall.
  3. Then users should configure their computers so that hidden files or file extensions are shown by default.
  4. Users should always take warning messages seriously and always read it before deleting it.


  1. INSTALL/ UNINSTALL AVG:- Whenever users want to install or uninstall AVG they can contact in AVG customer service number where our executives would help to fix the problem within a short span of time.
  2. UPGRADES AVG:-There are situations when users find it difficult to upgrade the AVG directly from the website then if they contact our team they will help to upgrade it immediately.
  3. ACTIVATION OF AVG:-Even after upgrading the antivirus sometimes user find it difficult to activate the AVG so they can contact in AVG Customer Service number where our team will provide appropriate avg help.

CONFIGURATION OF AVG Antivirus-Sometimes due to wrong setting or configuration,  the antivirus as well as other software get affected and sometimes even the computer itself get affected and these could further damage the operating system.In that case users can contact in AVG Customer Service number for help.