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Bitdefender is internet security software which was completely introduced in the year 2014. The company has been developing online protection since 2001. Its products include anti-virus and anti-spyware capabilities against internet security threats such as viruses, Trojans and many more. Photon is an outstanding technology which was introduced so that device’s performance is enhanced on which the antivirus is installed. In 2016 a software was launched which would provide protection to android base mobile devices. But there may be situation when users have to face issues in its usage in that situation they can contact in our Bitdefender customer service number where our team will help them instantly.

Bitdefender Customer Service

Nowadays our system is connected to internet by Wi-Fi or through any other devices and whenever our system is connected to internet they are always prone to viruses or other threats so it’s always advisable that the user uses antivirus in their system. Bitdefender is considered  one of the most used antivirus. It has also won 9th virus bulletin spam award in a row in 2010 and in 2012 it also won the antivirus award of the year, ranking first in several tests of AV comparatives who is one of the most respected bodies in the segment.

Bitdefender antivirus package includes many different services such as antivirus plus, antivirus scanner, mobile security, antivirus for pc and Mac, internet security and total security. Some of its unique features are like it has photon technology, it can activate virus control, there is a facility of machine learning, there are technologies which can filter the content, it has B-HAVE which is environmental behavior analysis, it has anti spam neunet which means neural network and the most important feature is that it is considered most light weight antivirus.

Some of the issues where our Bitdefender technical support team can help are as-

  • Whenever the user needs help to install or uninstall the antivirus
  • When there is need to neutralize or fix any detected threats on the system
  • When there is need to upgrade or update the antivirus
  • When user wants to configure the security setting for higher level of protection.
  • When user want to set up or install the bitdefender antivirus.
  • When there is need to diagnose or resolve any technical issues.
  • When the user wants their system to be scanned and virus, spyware and other malicious programs has to be removed from system so that user can use their system without any issue.

Bitdefender Support:These are some of the common issues there may be some other issue that user have to face. Before going for help users should first of all follow few steps by which they can resolve the problem. first of all user should make sure that they have single functioning automatically updating antivirus on any windows operating system then they should ensure that if the system is connected to internet then it has proper functioning firewall and then they should configure their computers so that hidden files or file extensions are shown by default and most importantly they should always take warning messages seriously. If then also they are facing any problem they can contact in our Bitdefender customer service number where our expert team is always ready to help.