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Gmail users always are in worry that how long they will continue accessing own account safely! Numbers of growing hacking activities is main reason of their headache. But they won’t have to worry so much as Gmail customer service team comes with lots of assurance of securities and several features. Gone with the days when people used to take help from so many applications to complete their office work. But the new Gmail service has lots of features which help the users. But the numbers of the users are very few who can use these features alone. But there is no shame if the users ask for expert assistance. Technicians are always available for them. They help the users without asking about users’ details. Users’ privacy will remain safe.Gmail Customer Service

Gmail assistance is available for the users always-If the users are worrying about to use customized Gmail account but don’t have the enough courage to do it then they can take help from Gmail support team. Some users failed to send mails or receive mails. But users can get guidance and training from the experts very easily. Experts say that users need to check the recipient address before sending any mail. Users should check their email id status (it should not mark as spam) .Sometimes users’ email address becomes marked as spam which makes difficult to send mails to them. But if they consult with Gmail customer service team then they can able to overcome this issue.

Gmail access problem in android phone can be solved easily-

Some users access their Gmail account from different devices. It makes them difficult to login own account sometimes. Those are the android users, they face this problem too. But users won’t have to bear this Gmail login problem for long time as Gmail customer service team comes with unique solutions which are discussed below-

  • Firstly, users need to log in the Gmail page from android phone.
  • Then they need to tap on ‘’need helpline’’ which will be marked blue colour.
  • After that, users need go to the Google account password recovery page which contains 3 main options for solving particular 3 problems.
  • Then, users will be instructed to choose ‘’I don’t know my password’’ option.
  • After that, users will be instructed to tap on ‘’continue’’ option.
  • Then, users will be instructed to fill the ‘’captcha’’ form. Users need to fill twice to prove that they are not robot. If they are unable to understand that word then they can ask the Gmail customer service
  • Then, users need to type the last remembered password on the next step.
  • After that, users will have some options to choose the way of password recovery. Users can use alternative email address or phone number. If they are confused to decide then they can consult with the technicians regarding this step of Gmail password recovery.
  • On the next step, users will be instructed to fill the verification code which they have received in their alternative email address or phone number (as sms).
  • Then, users will be notified with the message that they can reset the password in their android phone.

Some tips for android users from Gmail experts-

Gmail help team believes if the users follow all criterias then they will be able to use Gmail account for all purposes. But users should update Gmail app in their android phone regularly. Users must check the phone settings. Internet connection is on or not. Users need to turn off the airplane mode. Users need to clear the download storage. They need to delete unnecessary files, images, documents etc. The most important thing is password. Users need to keep an eye on it. They need to check that they typing correctly or not.

How to avoid forgotten password related issue-

Gmail experts can sense every possible way to face problem related to Gmail account. They have solutions for those who forgot their password too. They advice if the users want to avoid forgot Gmail password related problem then users need to write the password on somewhere confidentially. Users should not share their password with non reliable person. By doing this they can able to stay away from Gmail hacked account related problems too. Gmail experts also say, users need to be a regular visitor in their account so that they can notice any small change (which occur automatically) in their account. So they can take action against it. Gmail experts are very concerned about the users.

To consult with Gmail customer service team instantly, users can dial Gmail customer care number. This number is open for 24×7 hour basis. Users won’t have to pay phone bill from their pocket as the helpline number is toll free. Customized service package is available for those who have limited budget and urgent requirement.