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Is your email account is secured enough? Are you getting some notification of accessing your account from different locations? Then it’s the high time to take this thing seriously. It happens when someone wants to hack your email account. Every email service providers are concerned about their users. Gmail service providers are just one of them. They are very concerned about Gmail hacked account holders .But they always encourage the users to use their email service for all purposes. Now day, hackers are very powerful. That’s why users may fail to avoid them. But there is solution too. Along with that Gmail technicians provide variant tips too.

Gmail Hacked Account

Gmail support team always warn the users about hacking activities and explain the effect on their account. But sometimes, users lost control of own account. But they can get rid of Gmail hacked account related problem if they follow password recovery method. This method has been discussed below-

  • Users need to visit original Gmail website .
  • Then, users need to go the password settings option.
  • After that, they need to click on the box ‘’ Can’t access my account’’.
  • Next, users are instructed to click on ‘’I forgot my password’’.
  • Then, click on ‘’reset your password’’.
  • Then, users have to mention that email id which bothers them a lot (specifically that particular blocked account).
  • Then users need to type the ‘’next’’ option and after that they have to type the ‘’Captcha’’. Gmail expert team warn them to be careful during typing the captcha. If they enter incorrect password then it will be started to appear repeatedly until the users type this correctly. Audio option is available for those who don’t read that captcha word.
  • After that, users need to click ‘’I can’t use any of these options’’.
  • After that they are instructed to mention alternative email id.
  • Then ‘’account info’’ page appears and users have to provide some information (related to account) and finally users can click on the ‘’submit’’ option.

Users confuse with the symptoms of hacking activities with manual settings problem-

Those have limited technical knowledge they become confuse mostly. Gmail customer service team alert the users that before having Gmail hacked account they will have some signs or symptoms like. They will get notification like ‘’your account has been accessed from different location, is it you?’’ .But they need to check the entire situations as some other reasons can cause of account access problem. This notification comes in different situations –

  • When the users are travelling into a different time zone.
  • When the users start using a new operating system.
  • When the users start using a new browser.
  • When the users did not adjust the clock settings of their computer.
  • When the users become victim of hackers.
  • When the users put wrong password repeatedly as they forget Gmail password.

Which one is the exact reason, can be told by the Gmail experts only. But users always have to prepare to deal with hacked account related matter. Those have limited technical knowledge; they can take training from the experts. It will help them to take decision about their account.

Some tips from Gmail help team to stay away from hackers. Password plays an important role in this matter. If they follow some advices from the experts, then they not only will be able to deal with the hackers, also will be able to other Gmail login problem.

  • Password should be changed after a regular interval.
  • Users need to check the alternative email address is same or not.
  • Users don’t need to share their password with unknown person.
  • Users should log out their account before leaving any public computer.
  • Account settings, mails settings, location settings, time zone should be checked by the users.
  • Users should not ignore those notifications which say ‘’someone else is trying login your id with different browser or from different location’’. If its users, then there is nothing to worry. But if they are not, then they should contact with Gmail technical support
  • Users should use not use any redirected link or unauthorized link to login their account. Chance of having Gmail hacked account will increase by doing this.
  • Password should be unique and mixed with alphabets and numbers.
  • To find out the authorized link, users can start using a strong antivirus which will give them ‘’green’’ ‘’tick’’ mark beside the link .It means, that link is safe.

So if you are scaring about having Gmail hacked account, then just contact with Gmail experts. They will provide right solutions for you. They are work for 24×7 hour basis. You can use a toll free helpline number too. Technicians never compromise with the service quality. They always maintain the deadline.