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To deal with daily issues in Gmail account, users must take expert advice. Not all experts can give accurate advice to the users. But Gmail help team has some special potential to deal with all hazards related to the users’ Gmail account. They never see whether the user is old or new. They just see the problems and start finding out the solutions. Some problems can be handled very easily. They can give some simple tips which solve the problems. But sometimes, users need to have patience as it takes some time. Some users failed to use their account for professional purpose. Some users are unaware about the account storage capacity. Gmail experts know how to handle different users and their different requirements.

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How to deal with hackers-

Gmail users can depend on the experts when they failed to protect their account from hackers. They think they are protected but sometimes they can’t avoid this problem. To find out the authorized link, users can start using a strong antivirus which will give them ‘’green’’ ‘’tick’’ mark beside the link .It means, that link is safe. Sometimes they click on any unknown link which contains virus. And it will affect their data, system gradually. And when they realize, it’s too late. But Gmail support team warns the users that they can able to identify the problem if they observe their email account daily. First they need to check they are able to sign in or not. If they are able to do it, then they need to check the account settings (is there any change or not). Users should log out their account before leaving any public computer. If they find out that mails are deleting from their account then they need to follow password recovery method. Only then they can able to fix Gmail hacked account related problem. Users need to follow password recovery method very strictly. They need to visit original site. Then they need to click on the box ‘’ can’t access my account’’. Next, users are instructed to click on ‘’someone else is using my account’’. Then, click on ‘’reset your password’’. Then, users have to mention that email id which bothers them a lot (specifically that particular blocked account).Then users need to type the ‘’next’’ option and after that they have to type the ‘’Captcha’’. Gmail customer service team warn them to be careful during typing the captcha. If they enter incorrect password then it will be started to appear repeatedly until the users type this correctly. Audio option is available for those who don’t read that captcha word. After that, users need to click ‘’I can’t use any of these options’’. After that they are instructed to mention alternative email id. Then ‘’account info’’ page appears and users have to provide some information (related to account) and finally users can click on the ‘’submit’’ option.

Tips for those who failed to remember their Gmail password-

Those who have tendency to forget password, they can apply same method under the supervision of Gmail help team. But they need to be careful about this so that they can deal with forgot Gmail password related problem without anyone’s help. Users need to be regular visitor so they will type password daily. It will help them to remember the password. Users need to keep a note of that password. Users should use unique but easy password. But it should be strong. Users should not change the password too frequently. If they do this, then they will be failed to recall the latest password. Change of password is necessary but it should not too frequently. If they are not able to create a strong password then they can ask Gmail help team too. They will provide the right way to create strong password.

Tips to avoid Gmail login problem

Apart from hacking issue or forgotten password related issue, users face account access problem due to some other reasons too. Sometimes, users start using of a new browser which is not compatible with Gmail service. Some users failed to find out that the browser gone outdated. Some users failed to adjust the device settings, clock settings, location settings. As a result they failed to access own account. But they are unaware about this situation and start accusing technical difficulties. In reality, it is not. So users must have some technical knowledge. Gmail help team is ready to provide training to the users.

Gmail help team is available for 24×7 hour basis. They are reachable through Gmail toll free number. Users don’t have any limitation in number of calling. Technicians think, that users should follow advices regarding Gmail account. If anyone has any special or urgent requirement then they can avail customized service package. Gmail technicians are ready to negotiate with the service charges. Technicians never compromise with the service quality. They always maintain the deadline.