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Kaspersky antivirus is an antivirus program developed by Kaspersky lab. It is mainly designed for computers running Microsoft windows and macos, though for business class a version of linux is available. Their main purpose is to protect users from malware. Its main features include detection and removal of viruses,Trojans, worms, spyware,adware, keyloggers as well as rootkits. It also includes automatic update given by the antivirus itself.In spite of best services provided by the antivirus there may be some conditions when users faces various problems which they find difficult to fix by themselves in such case they should contact in our Kaspersky Customer Service number where our executive will detect the problem and fix it within a short span of time.

Kaspersky Customer Service

Kaspersky antivirus has gained worldwide recognition. As our computers are linked to internet there is always threat of getting infected by different viruses .some of the common issues are discussed below-

  1. Whenever users plan to install the antivirus in their computer they download it from Kaspersky website and install it but there are certain situation when they are not able to install it properly.
  2. Users may face various problems during upgrading the antivirus.
  3. There may be problem during uninstalling the antivirus.
  4. Once the user installs the antivirus properly they should make sure that the automatic update is made as default otherwise they have to update it later.


  • First of all user should ensure that they have single functioning automatically updating antivirus on any windows operating system computer
  • They should always make sure that they take the warning messages seriously before deleting it.
  • There should be proper functioning firewall in every computer which has internet connection.
  • In order to show hidden files or file extension as default the users need to configure their computers regularly.


  1. HELPS IN INSTALLING THE SOFTWARE- In case users are not able to install the antivirus even after downloading it from the website then they can contact in Kaspersky support phone number where our executives will help the user to install it in a short span of time.
  2. UPGRADATION OF KASPERSKY-There is situations when users find it difficult to upgrade the antivirus directly from the website then also if they contact our team they will help to upgrade it immediately.
  3. ACTIVATING THE ANTIVIRUS-Even after upgrading the antivirus sometimes user find it difficult to activate the antivirus so they can contact in Kaspersky customer service number for help where our team will provide appropriate help.
  4. CONFIGURE THE ANTIVIRUS-There are many time when due to wrong setting or configuration the software gets affected and  it also affects  the operating system and finally the whole computer. In that case users can contact us for help.

Antivirus Customer Service: Our team supports all the users who contact us and ensure that they get full satisfaction. Whenever our team is contacted once by giving a call in our Kaspersky customer service number then our executive would communicate in medium in which the customer is comfortable and ensure that proper resolution to the problems are provided to the customers within a minimal span of time.