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Whenever you want to protect the device from malware, then you have to install Norton. Installation process of Norton antivirus on your device seem to be simple but there are times when you have to face a lot of difficulties while installing it. At that point of time you can consult Norton customer service team. If Norton is not installed properly then it will not protect the device from malware so it becomes essential that you complete the installation properly. You have to simply follow the steps and you will get it installed. If you have any difficulty in following the steps of installation, then you have to contact Norton support team for guiding you through the steps. In this way, you can easily overcome the difficulties that arise in the duration of installation as well as after installing the antivirus.

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Preparing device for installation

Installation steps are though simple but you have to ensure that you prepare the device before that. below mentioned are the steps that you have to follow for preparing device for the installation process:

  • First of all, you have to make sure that your device that is computer or tablet meets all the requirements of Norton. If you find that there are some requirements which are not met, then you have to make sure that you take help of experts by dialing Norton help.¬†Suppose you have problem in finding whether your device is compatible or not, then you have to avail help of experts. This is because if such is the condition then it will not function properly and even slowdown the process of detecting the malware. Norton customer service team enables you to solve the problem instantly.
  • Once you have checked the compatibility of the device, next you have to check that windows operating system is updated. Norton technical support team helps you to find out the updated version. If any update is found, then you have to ensure that you install it on the device. Sometimes because of not updating the operating system, you may have problem in working of Norton internet security So, you have to make sure that whenever update of antivirus is available you install it so that there is no breakage in the functioning.
  • Suppose you have some other security software installed on the device then there are chances Norton start malfunctioning. You have to ensure that such software is not installed as that may cause the problem in the installation. You can avail the help of Norton customer service team for installing it without any hindrance. Further they will even guide you through the process so that you are able to complete the process without much difficulty.
  • It is highly recommended that before you install Norton, you restart your computer so that there are no unnecessary applications running in the background which may cause hindrance in the installation process. You can take help of Norton customer service team in this process. Further, if you find that there is some difficulty in its functioning then first remove and again reinstall it. You have to also ensure that it is updated time to time. While updating it if you find that you are facing Norton update problem, then you should immediately check it out with the help of expert technicians of our team.
  • Irrespective of the fact you are installing Norton for the first time or reinstalling it, you have to make sure you have downloaded the latest installation file. You can take help of Norton antivirus support team for finding out the correct and appropriate file. In order to ensure that there is complete virus removal, you have to get it installed. For finding the latest version you have to visit the official website of Norton. There you will find the product in the list that you want to install. After that you will get the latest version that you have to install on your device. If you need any help avail the service of our team. In case you find that after installing, it is not working properly, then you have to Norton uninstall process, remove it and then again install it back on your device.

These are the steps that you have to follow before you get Norton installed. After installing it on the device it is also important that you activate it properly. In the next place you will have to find the activation key and use the license number that you got while purchasing it. If you find that you have not installed the file properly then you have to remove all the installed products from the device. After that you have to install it properly on the computer. At this point of time you can take the advice of Norton customer service team for completing the process without any difficulty.