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The Internet has provided us with numerous benefits but apart from all the benefits, there are a few problems also. The most common problem that internet users have to face is an attack of malware. While accessing the internet on your devices, it becomes prone to various malware. Prevention from malware possible only when you use good quality antivirus on it. Norton antivirus is the one which can complete protection to your device. As it is relatively easy to install and use so it is preferred by the huge number of the population across the world. But sometimes due to many circumstances, you will find that Norton has stopped working. In that situation, you will need the help of Norton support team who would find out the actual cause of the problem and hence resolve it.Norton support number

Steps of installation

When you want to prevent malware then you have to first install Norton properly when the problem is associated with the installation of Norton, then you should always take help of certified technicians of Norton customer service team. They will guide you through each step and once the process gets over they cross check it and ensure that the process of installation is completed properly. These are the steps of installation:

  1. Firstly, you have to download Norton internet security software from its website.
  2. After downloading it you will find installation language at the top right corner of the welcome screen.
  3. You have to select the language and then click on ‘continue’ for continuing with the steps of installation.

Steps mentioned here will only help you in installing Norton. If you have any problem in the process, then you can contact Norton support team who would provide you with proper guidance.

Steps of activation

  1. Once you have followed the steps of installation and installed Norton, then you have to activate it. In order to activate Norton, you have to first type a new username and password.
  2. Then after that you have to click on ‘create account’ for creating a new account. In this account your license is stored. If you don’t have proper license number contact Norton technical support team.
  3. Now, for login into the existing Norton account, you will have to click on ‘log in here’. Once you enter your account you have to enter valid license number.
  4. A valid license number will activate the antivirus and thus it could be used for protecting your computer. Norton support team find out the cause of the problem if you are unable to activate it.

After you have activated Norton, you must ensure that you restart your computer then only you can enjoy all the features of Norton and it will provide complete protection to your device. Norton support team provide you all necessary help in the steps of installation of Norton.

Process of uninstall

If you suffer from any problem in Norton or you find that it is not working properly then you can undergo the Norton uninstall process. The process of uninstall depends upon the Norton product that you have installed. You have to make sure that all those products are removed during this process. If you fail to remove all the products, then you can’t have the uninstall process.  You have to contact Norton support team for completing the process. Firstly, you have to You can locate all the products by opening the start menu. After that, you have to click on settings and then from there, you have to select the system and then further the apps and features. You may have to remove all other products related to Norton before the main application as sometimes you need to uninstall it because you have Norton update problem. Here we are providing you a complete guide of uninstall process:

  • When you enter in the settings you will receive a prompt. You have to confirm whether you want to run the setup and uninstall the software. You can take Norton help in this process.
  • In the next step, you have to click ‘yes’ for confirming the uninstall process. Once you click yes you will find on the next screen the uninstall icon appears. Norton antivirus support team provides you proper support in this step.
  • Further, you have to choose the uninstall icon and then you will receive a message which will take your confirmation in that you have to click on ‘yes, uninstall’.
  • Once you confirm it, the process of uninstalling Norton from your device begins.
  • Finally, you must always ensure that you restart your computer once uninstall is completed.

Once the process of removing Norton from your device begins you have to wait. When the entire process finishes you have to check whether it is completed successfully. If any help is needed, then that could be taken from the Norton support team. Our team provides you help irrespective of the type of problem that you face.