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Norton antivirus is one of the most effective antiviruses of the world. It is anti-malware software developed and distributed by Symantec. In 1990, it was acquired by Symantec after which it was renamed as peter Norton consulting group.In the year 1991, US computers were affected by many foreign viruses and other pc infections, these were causing serious problem to the users.So they launched antivirus 1.0 for pc and compatible computers so that the problems of viruses and infections are solved.Nowadays people are using internet services; always their system is connected to internet through Wi-Fi or  to some our devices. Due to which there is always risk of getting infected from any such malware that’s why they should always use antivirus so that their system is prevented from getting infected. But in the way of usage of such antivirus as we know technical problems may arise anytime without any such warning in that case users get panic and find it difficult to solve the problem in such situation they should contact in Norton customer service phone number where our team will detect the issue and solve it for them so that they could have hassle free usage of their computers.

Norton customer service

Some of the common issues are discussed below-

  • Problem during installation of the software- whenever users want to keep their computer safe they need to install the antivirus. First of all they need to download it from the website then they need to install by following the guidelines. But there are certain situations when they face difficulties in installing it.
  • Doesn’t scan the system completely- there are certain situation when antivirus does partial scanning of the system due to which problem of getting infected remains.
  • No proper response of software- many times antivirus does not work properly or there is no response it may occur as the antivirus may need updating. In that case the user can easily purchase the updater from its website.
  • Problems related to updating software- there are cases when antivirus has stopped working as they have been using the software from long time and now the antivirus needs an updation.


  1. WHEN ANTIVIRUS STOPPED WORKING SUDDENLY-antivirus stops working when system disk memory gets full or it gets corrupted in that case users should follow the following steps to fix this issue, first the users need to close the antivirus then restart it again then they need to uninstall the antivirus and then reinstall it by downloading its updater from its relevant website.
  2. PROBLEM RELATED TO INSTALLATION- Whenever user understands that they are having issues related to installation of the antivirus then should first uninstall the existing antivirus then they need to close all the running applications and restart the computer again.
  3. ISSUES RELATED TO SETUP- for all the relevant customers of NORTON antivirus full setup is always provided for that they need to contact in Norton Customer service phone number. They will immediate help the user to do full set up of the antivirus.

Norton SupportAbove discussed problems are some of the common issues and the basic solution for these problems are given but even if users are not able to fix the problem they can contact in our Norton customer service phone number and immediately get the problem fixed.