Trend micro inc. is a global security software company which develops security software for servers, consumers, small, and medium and enterprise businesses. It was founded in Los Angeles, California whereas its global headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan and regional headquarters in Asia, Europe and the Americas. In 1992, it took over a Japanese software firm to form trend micro devices. In that time period it made an agreement with Intel under which it produced an antivirus product for local area networks for sale under the Intel brand. They have recently developed antivirus for mobile devices as well. But there may be situation when users may face sudden shut down, improper functioning of programs, online threats, malicious programs, infected mails and various other problems.  In such case user can contact in our Trend Micro customer service number where our executive will help them to resolve the issue.

Trend Micro Customer Service

Some of the issues are discussed below-

  • When Trend Micro antivirus is not installed properly.
  • When the activation key is not getting accepted.
  • When the antivirus shows message that “system is not secure”.
  • When the antivirus is showing some error message.
  • When the antivirus is not found in system.


  1. INSTALL TRENDMICRO ANTIVIRUS- in order to keep the system protected from various viruses  when people want to install the antivirus they can download it from its website and follow the basic guidelines to install it if then also they find it difficult to install then our team could help the users instantly to install the antivirus in their system.
  2. SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL-After a specific time interval renewal of subscription is required. We will always keep the user updated about the new offers and updates that are available. We also help and guide the user on which package to choose depending on their needs.
  3. CONFIGURE SECURITY SETTINGS-For higher level of protection and to neutralize or fix the detected threats it is needed to configure the security settings. If user found it difficult to configure the setting then they can contact in our Trend Micro customer service number where our team will configure the setting so that higher level of protection is achieved.
  4. UPDATE THE ANTIVIRUS- antivirus needs to be upgraded and updated regularly many time after fix time period people need to update their antivirus so that they get facility of the antivirus without any hindrance.

There may be some other problems due to which user are not able to use the trend micro antivirus such as they are unable to customize the settings, when users are unable to diagnose or resolve the problem , when the computer needs to be tuned so that it runs faster and at a optimal speed , issue in fixing the detected threat related to any spyware, virus or any other malicious programs  or problems in installing , uninstalling , upgrading, updating  and many more.  whatever the issue may be users can rely on us and contact in our Trend Micro customer service number where our team will be happy to help the users and resolve all their problem in short span of time.